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Base con cuna activa Dension para iPhone 5

Precio: 44,90€ [54,33€ con IVA]
Código EAN: 5999550602695
Código de producto: IP5LCRU
Plazo aproximado: 2 días
Base con cuna activa Dension para iPhone 5
Dension Cradle iPhone 5 II.jpgDension Cradle iPhone 5 III.jpg

La Cuna de iPhone 5 para Dension Gateway (IP5LCRU) permite conectar tu iPhone 5s/5c, o iPhone 5 fácilmente y convenientemente a tu interface Dension Gateway 500S series o Gateway Pro BT


  • Lightning connector in the cradle
  • Fits iPhone 5, 5s, 5c
  • USB connector to plug into the Gateway (or charger)
  • Can be used as a charging holder with a 'Cigar Lighter Charger'

Compatibilidad iPhone:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5

Compatibilidad Dension:

  • Gateway 500S (GW53xxx)
  • Gateway 500S BT (GW52xxx)
  • Gateway 500S with F-series BMW Enabler
  • Gateway Pro BT

Please note that this cradle will not work with Gateways that do not support iPhone over USB (e.g. Gateway Lite BT, 300, 500, etc.).